Tarpaulin semi-trailers are used for pallet and bulk goods transport.


For our transport we use only the highest quality trailers made from long-lasting materials with high resistance.


Every day we work with brand trailers, which are ideal for logistics and freight forwarding on shorter and longer distances.


How often do we carry the load and where do we offload?

In the vast majority we provide unit shipments by 2 trucks per week.


We offload especially in southeast France, Spain (Basque country, Navarra, Cantabria), Italy and other states of the European Union.


What are we able to transport by our tarpaulin semi-trailers?


Thanks to the modern vehicle fleet and good semi-trailers, we are, in fact, able to take almost anything that fits into the maximum tonnage and size authorization. In this case, maximum tonnage is 24 tonnes.


The high quality components, as a part of the tarpaulin semi-trailers, ensure maximum utility, cargo safety and operating reliability.


We offer our customers a good price, which will certainly contribute to our mutual satisfaction.


5 advantages of transport using the tarpaulin semi-trailer:

1. Maximum cargo security

2. Pallet and bulk goods transportability

3. High quality trailers with high resistance and long service life

4. Reliable drivers and modern fleet

5. Friendly prices + Request for Quotation






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