Flatbed trailers are especially used to the secure transport of construction and forestry machinery, agricultural machinery, transport machinery, etc. In case of interest we will prepare an individual offer for you. In this case, maximum tonnage is 30 tonnes.


For this type of transport we use NOTEBOOM trailers, which are included among the best ones on the market.


The Dutch NOTEBOOM company belongs among the best known manufacturers of transport machinery and its complements in the world.


At the end of a strictly controlled and constantly innovated production process, there is a flatbed trailer, which is safe, effectivebut especially resistant, which is an ideal combination for the transport of oversized loads.


How often do we carry the load and where do we offload?

We provide transport throughout the EU.


What are we able to transport by our flatbed trailers?


We are able to take almost anything that fits into the maximum tonnage and size authorization. 


We can also provide the accompanying vehicle, which is always available to you when required by the type of transport (e.g. for oversized cargo).


We also have an attractive price offer for our customers. In this case, the prices of transport by flatbed semi-trailers are negotiable.


5 advantages of flatbed trailers transport:

1. Low loading height – easy handling of loads

2. Maximum cargo security

3. High quality trailers of the Dutch NOTEBOOM company 

4. Reliable drivers and modern fleet

5. Negotiable price + special price offers









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